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Welcome to mh-musings, a unique blog for you to explore. From literary analysis to poetry to musings about humankind, I embrace the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Enjoy, with love.

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A World Gone Mad

Bush fires in Australia have burnt through millions of acres of land and destroyed habitats.

The heightened tensions between USA and Iran have many fearing a breakout of war in the Middle East.

The rape of a student sparks demands for the death penalty in Bangladesh.

From natural disasters to human machinations, it seems our souls are burning, no matter which corner of the globe we are in. It inspired the following narrative and I hope that we will all take the time to educate ourselves on the parts we can play in changing the flow of what has been:

The depth of sorrows

In the bleeding heart

Could drown an ocean.

With our planet burning from man-made

And natural fires,

There isn’t a soul that is spared.

Those who cannot look away

Are dying while we are living.

Those who look past it

Are thriving while not breathing.

When do our tears become

The river that washes away

The dirty stains of greed?

When do the happy gurgles

Of our children become

The only music we crave?

When do we learn

That the mighty power

Of our missiles

Melt under the wrath of

The One?

Wake up, rise up,

Do your part.

Speak till you are heard,

Protest till you are hoarse.

No one person is fully to blame

No one is absolved of blame.

The question is no longer,

“What should they have done?”

It is “What will I do?”

Enough is enough.

- mh (c) 2020

There are things I can control, and much that I cannot. I can only invite others to embrace choice. When you have a choice, be kind. When you don't have a choice, be kind anyway. With every little act of kindness, in how we treat others, how we raise our children, how we tolerate 'the other', the world can only change for the better. Our purpose is not to maximize our material wealth. Our purpose is to maximize our spiritual wealth, and the rest will follow.



Jan 08, 2020

We have to, to survive. Positivity is not easy to find even when in a cocoon. We keep trying...


My friend, I hear you. I've had to recalibrate the past few days as I realised I need to protect myself from all the bad things that are going on. This doesn't mean I don't 'feel' them, it just means I am trying to put my energy into doing something about what's going on, rather than 'worrying' about it. However, I'm worried that if we all do nothing, evil will triumph and things will get worse, but I'm hoping that won't be the case. I'm trying to step back and not get too depressed and disheartened. Protect yourself too...

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