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HYS #18 Sensizlik/ #BeingWithoutYou

Ever since the arrival of Eylul, Demir has been on a journey to put his past behind him so that he can move forward with Selin. Initially, he did not fully understand Eylul’s motivations but when they went on their road trip in #16, he made it clear to her that there is nothing left for her, followed by admitting to her that he is in love with Selin. Now that Eylul knew the truth, it became even more urgent for him to tell Selin the truth, while walking the tightrope of making sure that she felt secure in his love for her. In spite of his plans to finally get some alone time with her at home, she gets stranded on an island with Eylul and is forced to stay overnight at a new client’s house.

Demir is not afraid that Eylul will be cruel enough to tell Selin the truth. His biggest fear is that in her ignorance, Selin is stripped of the choice to stay away from Eylul, a woman who had been Demir’s lover and fiancé. He knows how quickly Selin is able to bring people into her inner circle and had she known the truth, she would never choose a situation where Eylul played a part in her life. And now, when she discovers the truth, her reaction will be that much more pained and prolonged.

Demir’s deepest fear is that she may be hurt enough, feel betrayed enough that she is unable to forgive him and will abandon him, just as he has been abandoned before. The way Furkan played Demir during his dream sequence, standing helpless as an adult as Selin bids farewell to his young self, speaks volumes. It shows that Demir loved Selin with every version of himself, from the little child who lost his mother due to his silence about the difficult choice his father forced upon him, to the young man who is struggling to tell her the truth today. It also shows the crippling fear he has of losing Selin, as the older version of himself could not move a muscle while he stood and cried silently. Eventually, it is the innocence of the younger version that had the courage to ask what he must have asked of his father many years ago: “She will come back, right?”.

As he jumps awake from this horrific nightmare, miles away so does Selin where in her dream she could not wake up Demir in spite of her desperate attempts. They speak on the phone in the middle of the night, and Selin realizes what she has known all along. She shares a soul connection with Demir, where no one else can exist or interfere. She finally trusts their love enough to allow Demir the space to tell her the truth about his past as he has been wanting to. We are shown a number of beautiful couple moments throughout the episode as Selin reaches this conclusion, starting from their reunion early the next morning to the relaxed moments spent at home the night before they journey out of town. Demir’s longing and love for her are etched into his face during every interaction. Deep down, he remains worried that Selin will be unable to stay as blindly in love with him once she learns the truth, making him want to hold her tighter.

There are several other important themes that surfaced during this episode. While the girls are stuck on the island, Burak and Demir spend some time together and we finally get some insight into Burak. A man who compensates for his inferiority complex by creating an environment where his adversary must fall, Burak is a weak character. Until Demir came along, Burak was happy to have Selin be a part of his entourage without showing any romantic interest. As soon as he felt the spark between them, his interest in Selin began to grow and he started to see her as the person who could help him cleanse his sins. He conveniently forgot all the ways he was ready to hurt Selin to meet his goals, including what he is doing with Demir. By making sure that Eylul came back to throw Demir off balance, he thinks he has won. He can barely contain his glee, and he doesn’t care that Selin will be devastated. His self-absorbed ways of being a friend will be his downfall. He is smug about his leadership skills, bought for him by his father, while we already see everyone gravitating towards Demir to express their admiration and love for him as a leader. Burak is trying to conquer what he cannot. He simply cannot be Demir because he lacks the qualities to do so. It is too early to tell if his current interest in Eylul also stems from owning something that was able to reject Demir. Time will tell.

Another theme that I found important was how Eylul has been internalizing Demir’s relationship with Selin. She has come to accept it and as she got to know Selin, she understood why Demir loves her so completely. She has come to have a genuine affection for Selin and at one point wanted to conclude her business in Istanbul quickly so that Demir need not be in a position to tell Selin anything at all. She is consumed by her own loneliness but she accepts that her own choices led her here. At one point she gifts Selin a ring that we have seen her wear since her appearance, and she tells the story of how an old woman gave it to her during her travels with her lover. The woman had prophesized that Eylul would separate from her lover but that the ring would bring her luck. Unbeknownst to Selin, the lover in the story was Demir. Perhaps this was Eylul’s way of letting Demir go but knowing that Selin was in the dark about Demir’s past and that the ring would remind him of his past with Eylul, there seems no good reason for her to give it to Selin. Maybe she is hoping that the old woman’s prophecy comes true for Demir and Selin as well.

The ring plays a pivotal role towards the end of the episode. As Demir notices the ring on Selin’s finger, he has an understandable adverse reaction and Selin finally questions him on his constant negativity regarding Eylul. She begins to connect the dots and realizes that Demir has a shared history with Eylul even though she is yet to fully understand the extent of that connection.

From the first trailer for #19, we know that Selin will come to know the truth but we do not have enough clues to understand if she chooses to walk out on Demir. I would hope not, especially after all the promises she has made to Demir, and after understanding how much they truly love each other. I hope she will appreciate how broken Demir had been with what Eylul had done and that it is only Selin he wants to help him heal and be whole. How the writers will illustrate this in the upcoming episodes remains to be seen. Even though the pace of the storytelling has been a little slow compared to what we got in Episodes 8 – 14, I am hopeful that with this new twist, we will see some more sparks and plots designed for Selin to keep falling in love with Demir.

Her Yerde Sen airs on Saturdays (previously Fridays) at 8 pm Turkish time, and can be watched live on the FoxTurkiye channel online.

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