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Welcome to mh-musings, a unique blog for you to explore. From literary analysis to poetry to musings about humankind, I embrace the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Enjoy, with love.

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Lost in Translation

When words drop as pearls

But are found as shards,

Much has been lost

In translation.

By then, lines have been drawn,

Weapons in hand,

Body poised for a battle

That can lose the war.

With hackles raised,

Reason has lost its sound.

A circular dance of adversaries,

Bring a stalemate

That only deepens the wounds.

There are no winners

While the message is lost.

It is not about me, you and I

But more about us.

Hear me, and it will not kill.

Touch me, and you will recall.

Hold me, and we will heal.

Love me, and the heart will listen.

- mh. (c) 2020


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